Our Services

Oral Health Education

  • Prenatal Counseling – Oral health Prevention
  • Professional Groups & Youth Organizations – Rotary, Teachers, Day Care providers, Church groups, Girl Scout & Boy Scout Groups
  • Schools – Pre-Schools, K-5, Field Trips to the office


  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Growth Analysis & Space Management
  • Braces for kids & Teens, and adults In Office.

Sedation Services

    • Nitrous Oxide “Laughing gas”. This makes the procedure physically more comfortable for the child.
    • “Light” Sedation; sleepy juice. This helps the child to be more relaxed and less nervous.
    • In-Office “Full” Sedation (“Sleep Dentistry”); We have an Anesthesiologist who comes to the office and will provide general anesthesia to fully sedate your child. This allows us to see a child who may need a lot of work since it avoids multiple trips to the dentist for invasive procedures. For children who have no major health concerns and families who would prefer not to go to a hospital or surgery center we have found this is a very good option. It lowers the cost to the family and can provide a much more relaxed experience for the child. This Service is now approved for all Oregon Health Plan patients

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